Who Are JJ Remote Area Contracting?


JJ Remote Area Contracting is a business based and registered in Coober Pedy, South Australia.

JJ Remote Area Contracting provides road grading, aerodrome maintenance, logistics support and emergency plant hire services to mining and pastoral operations in the Far North of South Australia.

JJ Remote Area Contracting have provided services to clients such as Challenger Gold Mine, Iron Road Ltd, South Australian Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources and Pastrolists in the Far North of South Australia.

The company supports local community through services by way of donation of man and machine hours to the SA Country Fire Service to provide fire breaks, sponsorship of the Coober Pedy Races and financial donations to the RFDS.

JJ Remote Area Contracting are committed to their local community through their local employment policy. 


Services to our current and past clients include;

 ·         Provision of a workforce and heavy mobile equipment required to maintain a busy unsealed road that is trafficked by road  trains on a daily basis,

 ·         Forming of floodway drains,

 ·         Forming of livestock grid access and bypass points,

 ·         Construction of dams and livestock water points,

 ·         Re-sheeting of access roads and repairs to pastoral tracks,

 ·         Environmental remediation ripping and repair to meet Department of State Development mining lease requirements,

 ·         Remediation of exploration and operational mining sites,

 ·         Maintenance of a hydrocarbon remediation facility,

 ·         Flood response and emergency unsealed road repair,

 ·         Fire response – fire break construction,

 ·         Logistics support,

 ·         Aerodrome runway reforming and re-sheeting (to comply with an annual independent CASA approved audit),


Key personnel employed by JJ Remote Area Contracting have in excess 20 years of experience with DPTI and the mining industry in the far north region of SA.